Mayckel Verbaant: Open Source Telephony
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Mayckel started his ICT career about 15 years ago at Microsoft and has been (project) manager for many Windows based server implementations. About 6 years ago he started working with 3Com NBX systems and has been implementing quiet a few on Curacao since that day. Ranging from small sites to multi island implementations and complete call centers.

This year 3Com extended his range of telephony products with the 3Com Asterisk appliance. Low costs and the open source standard that is used inside the appliance make it a perfect solution for small to mid-range companies. The first implementations have already taken place and Mayckel is becoming a real open source fan.
Mayckel Verbaant
gsm: +5999 526 46 18
web: 3com Asterisk
How Open Source and Open Standards can Save us Money
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