Ricardo Lochan: Open Source in the Front Office – Desktops & Distributions & Open Source Solutions for everyday
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Ricardo Lochan was born in Trinidad & Tobago and raised on Curaçao. After his studies, he worked as a computer technician and advisor at various companies. For a while he was active as a freelancer. At KPMG, where he worked before joining the Stimul-IT team as Project Manager, he was involved with security policies and redesigning a growing IT-infrastructure for financial institutions. At Stimul-IT, Ricardo assists many small business with their IT-needs. Ricardo is responsible for the technical side of Stimul-IT's projects, seminars and classes. His fields of interest are webdesign, eTourism, and using open source in business automation. Ricardo has been a valued speaker at many Stimul-IT events.
Ricardo Lochan
Project Manager
Mortiersweg 5
Curaçao, Nederlandse Antillen
tel: +5999 738 62 99
fax: +5999 738 62 98
email: ricardo.lochan at stimul-it dot com
web: www.stimul-it.info
How Open Source and Open Standards can Save us Money
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