Robin Miller: Cut Your IT Budget In Half With Open Source

Robin "Roblimo" Miller is Editor in Chief of Open Source Technology Group (OSTG), the company that owns Slashdot,, NewsForge, and others. As a freelancer, Miller wrote for a number of publications including, Baltimore City Paper, American Medical News, Innkeeping World, Machine Design, The Baltimore Sun, and Miller is the author of Point & Click Linux and Point & Click, all published by Prentice Hall. His latest ventures revolve around Internet-delivered video, including video software "tours" and tutorials on and his recent venture, Internet Video Promotion, Inc.
Miller is a keynote speaker on many Open Source conferences and seminars, including the Open Source Seminar in Curaçao, 2004.
Robin 'Roblimo' Miller
Internet Video Promotion & Production
Village of the Arts
Bradenton, Florida
United States of America
Postbus 202
1000 AE Amsterdam
tel: +1 941 746 2602
email: robin at roblimo dot com
How Open Source and Open Standards can Save us Money
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